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Become A Training Counselor

NRA's comprehensive Training Counselor Development Workshops train experienced instructors how to become facilitators and to teach experienced shooters how to teach firearm safety and shooting skills to others, using the NRA instructional methodologies and training materials. Successful candidates will ultimately be certified as NRA Training Counselors, authorized to train instructors in those disciplines in which they are certified to teach as an NRA Instructor.


Want To Find Out If You're Eligible?

Find out if you are eligible to attend a Training Counselor Development Workshop, the cost of a workshop, and when and where they are held. Log into your account and after you log in, if you are eligible, you will see a message indicating your eligibility. To be eligible to attend a Training Counselor Development Workshop, you need to be an NRA Certified Instructor for a minimum of 24 months, have conducted a minimum of 10 NRA courses (as the lead trainer), have taught a minimum of 50 students, and successfully reported your training activity.



Once you have gone through the registration process and paid the appropriate fee, you will be registered for the workshop you have selected. Information such as lodging, check-in procedures, and preparation will be emailed to you by the NRA Training Counselor Program Coordinator at a later date.

If you have questions regarding this process, email your questions to

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For more information about the NRA's Firearm Training Courses, call 703-267-1500.

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The NRA Education & Training Department provides a variety of programs to develop safe, ethical and responsible shooters and instructors.